The Vernon Leon Vintage Story
"Keeping the Moments Fresh"

My store is inspired by and named after my grandfather Vernon Leon, a fiery, energetic man who kept those around him laughing with his witty humor.  No matter the situation, whether with friends or strangers, he brought a smile to everyone's face.  He said outrageous things and his stories were even crazier, always reminding everyone that he was young at heart.  In his final days, he told me two things:  stay unique and to always bring joy into life's moments.   

To honor the true O.G. that he was, I created Vernon Leon Vintage. An off-the-wall, one-of-a-kind gift shop that creates comical moments for every day life, Vernon Leon Vintage is a homage to everything that is absurd and awesome, which is exactly how I describe my grandfather.  So cheers to the old and cheers to the new, here's to the moments that speak to you.    



There are moments in life where you look back and wonder, did I truly live my life? Did I make the most of every opportunity? Moments can be the best and worst things to think about but every one of them defines us as a person. Moments of love, moments of hate, moments of failure, moments where you wonder if you will ever be forgiven. Moments when you laugh so hard you cry; moments when the hurt is so heavy in your heart you don't know if you can breathe. Moments when you look at your kids and your heart fills with pride. Moments when everyone laughed at you but you still believed in your dream. Moments when you thought the situation would change but it didn't. Moments when the world was great and you were at peace. Moments you want to take back but they are the moments that made you grow. Moments where the room was rich with the love of your family. Moments of fear and moments of trust. Moments when you look back and know that you might not have done everything right but you did truly live your life. Moments when you look at your family and know your legacy will live forever!

Emily Ewoldt, Founder